Egidio Girelli

Egidio Girelli

Sommacampagna 1878 – Verona 1972

Egidio Girelli was born in Sommacampagna on the 4th of January 1878. In 1892, he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts G.B. Cignaroli in Verona but two years later he moved to the Accademia of Brera, where, under the guidance of the sculptor Enrico Butti, obtains the silver medal award.

In 1899, he was appointed, at just 21 years old, Professor of sculpture at the Cignaroli Academy, of which he later took over the management of until 1970. In 1919, he obtained his first important public commission for the monument erected in Piazza Erbe in memory of the civilian casualties of the Austrian air raid on Verona, which took place on the 14th of November 1915.

His great technical ability made him a valued sculptor of portraits and funerary monuments, most of which are preserved within the Monumental Cemetery of Verona. He died in Verona on the 30th of April 1972.

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