Pomari chapel

AUTHOR: unknown

The chapel is conceived as a miniature copy of the basilica of San Zeno: in the lunette above the door the Madonna with the child Jesus and Saint Joseph is depicted in bas-relief working intent on crouching at their feet on the right, while on the left there is a saint Zeno with a believer before him. Above it is reproduced the rose window of the basilica, commonly called by the Veronese a wheel of fortune. The sculptor Mario Salazzari realizes the marble reliefs with the Apocalypse and the bronze portal with scenes from the Old and New Testament, in a personal reinterpretation of the original. Also by the same author are the eight bas-reliefs with the stories of the Apocalypse standing on either side of the door. Inside the chapel there are an altar and four sarcophagi and the walls are covered with marble according to the Verona bichromy, also present on the external walls.

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