Tullio Montini

Tullio Montini

Verona 1878 – Verona 1964

Tullio Montini was born on the 23rd of February 1878. His career began with the creation of a number of busts of famous Veronese currently preserved in the Protomoteca of the Civic Library of Verona. He also created the monument to the patriot Felice Cavallotti, which was unveiled in Piazza Indipendenza in 1909.

He received several private commissions mainly in the funerary sector: for the Monumental Cemetery of Verona, he made the plaque for Beatrice Dall’Oca Bianca, mother of the painter Angelo, the Monumento Camozzini, of a more classical style, and the Monumento Montanari.

In 1916, he created the statue of Cesare Battisti in Piazza Indipendenza and the bust of Carlo Cipolla, preserved in the Civic Library, while in 1919 he created the Cristo Deposto (Christ brought down from the cross) for the Cappella ai Caduti (Chapel of the Fallen) of the Church of San Luca. During the 1920s he sculpted other monuments for the Verona Cemetery: the most famous is the special plaque of Emilio Salgari, situated in the Pantheon Ingenio Claris.

In the early 1930s he created the two Vittorie (Victories) situated on the facade of the Asiago military memorial, completed in 1936. His last works, the Monumento Rovaldi, the Monumento Salvi and the Portrait of Pietro Bottagisi, are preserved in the Monumental Cemetery of Verona. He died in Verona on the 30th of March 1964.


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