Carlini chapel

AUTHOR: Pino Castagna

Cappella Carlini

Dedicated to the Carlini family, the chapel is actually an open space, dug into the ground and defined by plant elements and stones that invite visitors to sit and reflect on the memory. In front of the tombstone, protected by the fronds of a cedar of Lebanon, there are two marble seats and, on the sarcophagus, are engraved a Greek cross and the verses of the Canticle of the Creatures of St. Francis of Assisi “Laudato si’ mi’ Signore per sora nostra morte” (praised be you my Lord through our sister death). The sculptor elaborates the space with an essential language full of symbols, in which all the allegorical representations are surrounded by ivy and conifers which, with their evergreen leaves, symbolize immortality and eternal life after death.

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