Giovanni Dupré

Giovanni Dupré

Siena 1817 – Florence 1882

Giovanni Dupré was born in Siena on the 1st of March 1817. Following an apprenticeship as an engraver, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.

In 1842, he created the statue of Abel dying, his early masterpiece. The work was received with mixed reviews, so much so that, to respond to charges of only knowing how to sculpt subjects in a lying position, he also created a standing Cain. Both statues are now kept in the Hermitage of St. Petersburg.

His artistic production includes works of a sacred nature, portraits and commemorative sculptures preserved in various Italian cities. The Pietà built in 1867 for the Bichi Ruspoli chapel of the Cimitero della Misericordia of Siena is considered one of his masterpieces. He died in Florence on the 10th of January 1882.

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