Monga monument

AUTHOR: Giovanni Dupré

Monumento Monga

The monument was commissioned by the Countess Augusta Monga Albertini, the only survivor of the Monga family, torn apart by many deaths. On a conical quadrangular base there is a group of statues composed of the angel of death and the countess prostrated at her feet, the latter beheaded in 1990 and not yet restored. The angel sits on the fragment of an ancient frieze, meaning that he is sovereign of the time and destiny of men, and holds the exterminating sword with the point downwards. On the base, the deceased of the Monga family, carved and lying one on top of the other, are carved in bas-relief on the bronze, signifying the close deaths, with a little angel with folded hands and Verona in the background. In the upper part in granite there was the inscription explaining the subject of the monument, but with the passage of the concession of the tomb to another family this element was covered by a new tombstone.

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