Marchiori family stele

AUTHOR: Vittorio Meneghello

  • 1915-1920
  • intercolumniation LVI

Dedicated to the Marchiori family, the stele has two frequent elements in funerary art, the nails and the crown of thorns of Christ on the cross.
In the upper part of the tombstone the name of the family is engraved and, in the box below, there is the crucified and crowned Christ of thorns: the body of the Redeemer is carved in very low relief, while the face emerges more from the background, so as to highlight its pain composed and resigned. Below the box there is a crown of thorns with a nail in the center: both elements are larger than the real ones and are a symbol of pain that leads to redemption and eternal peace. Representations of the same theme are also the thorn crown and the olive branch in wrought iron which decorate the ornament at the foot of the stele.

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