Eugenio Prati

Eugenio Prati

Cerro Veronese 1889 - Sao Paulo, Brazil 1979

Eugenio Prati was born on the 7th of September 1889 in Cerro Veronese. At age twelve he moved with his family to Verona and in 1910 he was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts G.B. Cignaroli, where he was a pupil of the sculptor Egidio Girelli.

Eugenio Prati was a sculptor with a very personal style, unique to the local scene. During his career he devoted himself with success to sacred and monumental art, but his fame is mainly related to funerary art: his most important works are kept in the Monumental Cemetery of Verona.

Engaged as a soldier during World War I, after the war and during the 1920s, he created numerous war memorials, some of them made together with the sculptor Egisto Zago, his close friend with whom he shared a studio in the cloister of the Church of San Bernardino. In 1926, he emigrated to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he remained permanently until his death on the 22nd of November 1979.

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