Sartori monument

AUTHOR: Eugenio Prati

Monumento Sartori

Like the Cesaris Demel monument, the one dedicated to the Sartori family is inspired by Rodin’s Thinker. At the center of the pink marble plaque there is a funerary lamp holder, with a cross on the front side and a lid surmounted by a flame, and eleven photographs depicting as many family members. The left side of the tombstone is decorated with a bas-relief representing the deposition of Christ from the cross, while on the right, still in bas-relief, is the baptism of Jesus. The two scenes of the life of the Redeemer symbolize the beginning and end of earthly life and Christian: baptism represents the birth and the beginning of existence as faithful, deposition from the cross marks the end of life on earth but, at the same time, also the beginning of eternal life in the hereafter. In the upper part of the tombstone there is a bronze sculpture in the center: explicit mention of Rodin’s Thinker, the male figure is represented sitting while meditating on death and it seems that the latter’s power has deprived man of the vigor of life. The monument is completed by a wrought iron fence decorated with four-pointed stars and two vase holders at the corners.

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