Francesco Ronzani

Francesco Ronzani

Verona 1802 – Verona 1869

Francesco Ronzani was born in Verona on the 14th of February 1802. In his autobiographical writings he reveals that he started experimenting with the technique of carving at the age of seven. Beginning in 1812, he learned the techniques of architectural design from the master Carlo Ederle, who introduced him to the architecture studio of Michele Sanmicheli.

He completed his training in the studios of the architects Barbieri, Milani and Giuliari and after the death of Giuseppe Barbieri, he was appointed to direct the municipal factories, overseeing the completion of the Gran Guardia Nuova and the Monumental Cemetery of Verona.

During his career he devoted himself to urban decor, religious buildings and the restoration of private buildings. He died in Verona in 1869.   

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