Ettore Ferrari

Ettore Ferrari

Rome 1845 – Rome 1929

Ettore Ferrari was born in Rome on the 25th of March 1845 and trained at the National Academy of San Luca.

The politically and civilly engaged sculptor, created several monuments to the Risorgimento, such as the two Garibaldi statues preserved in Vicenza and Rovigo.
In 1887, he created the Ovid Monument, of which a later replica is kept in Sulmona, the poet’s home town. In 1889, his Monument to Giordano Bruno, initially considered outrageous, was definitively placed in piazza Campo de’ Fiori  in Rome.

During his life he was a member of the parliament of the Kingdom of Italy and a grand master of the Masonic Grand Orient institution of Italy. He died in Rome on the 19th of August 1929.

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