Dal Fiume monument

AUTHOR: Tullio Montini

Monumento Dal Fiume

The monument is dedicated to the Dal Fiume family and was conceived and created by Tullio Montini, the author of the Fedrigoni monument located in the intercolumnio of the Cimitero Nuovo.
Despite being only five years later, the work is very different from the one designed for the founding family of paper mills. At the center of a white marble plaque stands a bronze statue painted black which depicts a woman, symbol of the pain of life destroyed by death. The sculpture presents the typical traits of fascist culture, such as the grandeur, the prosperous feminine forms and the revival of classic lines. The monument is completed by a fence decorated with three winged globes, symbol of eternity, placed on each side: in the frontal one inside the globe we read the word “QUIESCUNT” (from the Latin, they rest).

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