Cacciatori monument

AUTHOR: Egidio Girelli e Giacomo Grigolli

The monument is dedicated to the Cacciatori family and was designed and built by Giacomo Girolli, with the exception of the bust sculpted by Egidio Girelli to portray Antonio Cacciatori. The sculpture of Grigolli represents a female figure with butterfly wings sitting on a boulder while holding the cross that she wears around her neck with her right hand. The head of the statue was stolen in 1990 but, in the images before the theft, one can see the smiling face facing left. The butterfly wings are inspired by the verses of the tenth song of Purgatory in which Dante meets superb Christians (“noi siam vermi/nati a formar l’angelica farfalla”, we are worms born to form the angelic butterfly) and are an expression of a metaphor linked to life beyond death: soul in its earthly existence is a caterpillar and becomes a butterfly with the passage to the afterlife.

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