Lux in tenebris lucet. The Monumental Cemetery of Verona in the light

This event has ended

Observe the Monumental Cemetery in a new light, that of the moon: the guided tour will take you on a journey to discover history and the main monuments of the cemetery, immersed in the unusual and suggestive atmosphere of the evening.

The route will start from the Resurrecturis pantheon and, continuing along the intercolumniation and the central avenue of the Cimitero Barbieri, will include three stages in the Beneficis in Patriam, Ingenio Claris and Piis Lacrimis pantheon: each of them will correspond to a chapter of the artistic and architectural history of the Monumental Cemetery, from construction to twentieth century enlargements, with particular attention to the most active artists in the burial ground, such as Ugo Zannoni, Ruperto Banterle and the Spazzi brothers.

The initiative is free and will start at 6.30 pm. For security reasons, access will be limited to a maximum of 100 participants.

We advise participants to obtain torches to ensure optimal visibility of the monuments. The route will be adequately illuminated by our guides and our staff.

Reservations are mandatory and must be made by calling +39 045 8051311 or by email at by 6 December 2019 indicating the name and surname of all participants. The guided tour will last approximately two hours. The reservation will be considered valid only upon receipt of a confirmation from the organization’s staff.

In the event of exhaustion of seats it will be possible to register on the waiting list by calling +39 045 8051311 or by email at indicating the name and surname of all participants. The organization’s staff will inform you of your priority and contact you by 3.00 pm on Wednesday 11 December if there are seats available.

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