The Monumental Cemetery Verona has arrived on ARtour, the app developed by ASCE for the major European cemeteries

The Monumental Cemetery of Verona is finally available on ARtour, the innovative smartphone app developed by ASCE, the association that brings together the most important cemeteries of Europe.
The application, downloadable free from the App Store and Google Play, offers both in Italian and English, a complete and detailed guide of the cemetery that can also be consulted offline, allowing users to plan, according to their interests, customised tours to discover the artistic wonders of the cemetery.
The app shows the main points of interest of the Monumental Cemetery of Verona and each of them is precisely geo-localised to be easily identified within the burial ground: a perfect tool for a first visit to discover the hidden treasures of what is a real open-air museum.
This initiative has been possible thanks to collaboration with ASCE – Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe, the non-profit association that AGEC has been part of for several years, gathering in a single network all the public and private companies involved in the care of the most interesting European cemeteries for historical or artistic reasons.

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