Beneficis in Patriam pantheon


Pantheon Beneficis in Patriam

The pantheon is reserved for the memory of Veronese benefactors: here the personalities who have materially and morally contributed to the good of the city are remembered. Some rest in the pantheon while others are buried elsewhere and the honor is expressed with the name engraved on a single or collective plate, with a bust or with a full-figure statue. The list includes Don Nicola Mazza, founder of schools for children in difficulty, Gaspare Bertoni, founder of the Stigmatine fathers, Giuseppe Camploy, theater manager named after the theater of the same name in Verona, Paolo Brenzoni, founder of the marble art school, the parish priest Giuseppe Chiot, Antonio Provolo, founder of the Compagnia di Maria per l’Educazione dei Sordomuti (Society of Mary for the education of the deaf and mute), and Marcantonio Bentegodi, a sports manager named after the city stadium.

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