Ingenio Claris pantheon


Pantheon Ingenio Claris

The pantheon is dedicated to famous people: here scholars, architects, sculptors, partisans, scientists, musicians and historians born or lived in Verona are remembered. Some rest in the pantheon while others are buried elsewhere. The long list includes Giuseppe Barbieri, the architect who designed the Monumental Cemetery, Arnoldo Mondadori, publisher and founder of the homonymous publishing house, the writer Emilio Salgari, the writer and translator Ippolito Pindemonte, Aleardo Aleardi, poet and patriot, Berto Barbarani, dialect poet, Caterina Bon Brenzoni, writer and poet, Abramo Massalongo, naturalist scientist, Angelo Messedaglia, politician and patriot, and the inventor of the Giuseppe Zamboni dry cell.

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