Ossuary Temple


Tempio Ossario

The building was created to house the remains of 3989 soldiers who fell during the Great War. Designed by the architect Pietro Del Fabro and built in the early 1930s, it was inaugurated in 1935 by Prince Umberto II of Savoy. The architectural style is directly linked to the neoclassical project of Giuseppe Barbieri: the building has an octagonal plan and is surmounted by a concrete dome along which the internal perimeter reads the verses “Dei morti per la Patria fortunata è la sorte, splendido il fato, altare il sepolcro” (of the dead for the fortunate homeland is fate, splendid the fate, altar the sepulcher) composed by Simonides of Ceo for the heroes of the battle of Thermopylae. The remains of the military are collected in ossuary urns on which, as usual, the rank and name of the fallen are engraved, with the exclusion of the 16 unknown soldiers.

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