Pomari chapel

AUTHOR: Ettore Fagiuoli

Dedicated to the Roncari family, the chapel was the first shrine built in the Cimitero Giardino. Externally it consists of a parallelepiped with a square base surmounted by a dome with an octagonal roof and the walls of the perimeter are covered with stone slabs. At the center of the south side of the aedicule there is the entrance arch and above it reads the name of the family that owns the chapel. On the north side of the monument there is instead a specular arched glass window to the entrance portal. This symmetry and orientation along the north-south axis is a symbolic representation of the pilgrimage of life and the passage of the soul from earth to heaven. The tombstones with names and photos of the dead are placed along the inner perimeter of the chapel, while the tombstone is located in the center of the stone floor. The furniture is completed with a wrought iron tripod with the medallions depicting the members of the family that represents the Roncari family tree.

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