Zorzi monument

AUTHOR: Ugo Zannoni

Monumento Callisto Zorzi

Callisto Zorzi, to whom the monument is dedicated, was a building contractor who built his immense fortune starting from the humble condition of unskilled worker thanks to the hard and tenacious work, but without ever forgetting his origins and dedicating himself always to the poorest. Ugo Zannoni chooses to paint it with bricks, a trowel and pulleys, the tools of the trade, stacked on the left. On the opposite side, two children are eager to receive the coin that Zorzi is handing to them: in popular Veronese sayings, the gesture has become ironically aphorism of greed since the coin will never pass into the hands of small beggars. On the sides of the base of the statue there is a woman dressed in rags with a sleeping child in her arms and a worker who lays at the feet of Callisto Zorzi the civic oak crown, a certificate of honor for those who have been able to build their fortune with commitment.

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