Gandini Morelli Bugna Bottagisio monument

AUTHOR: Grazioso e Giovanni Spazzi

Monumento Gandini Bottagisio

The monument is dedicated to Carlo Gandini Morelli Bugna and was commissioned to the Spazzi brothers by his wife, Francesca Porati. The fourth surname, Bottagisio, was added when Alberto Bottagisio, husband of Elisabetta Gandini Morelli Bugna, last heir of the family, died. In front of the aedicule there is a statue in white marble depicting an angel sitting on a sarcophagus: in his left hand he holds a scale, a symbol of justice, while with his right hand he points to the sky, a gesture that wants to remember the universal judgment. At the center of the aedicule there is a medallion with a profile portrait of Carlo Gandini Morelli Bugna and, above, all the members of the family are represented inside the lunette while they pray to the Madonna of Mercy with two cherubs on either side.

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