Dal Fabbro monument

AUTHOR: Vittorio Di Colbertaldo

  • 1927
  • front stylobate CLXXX

The monument is dedicated to the Dal Fabbro family and consists of a tombstone and a tombstone with a red porphyry cross and a bronze sculpture. The use of red porphyry is a reminder of the Roman and Byzantine imperial tradition, where this material was widely used in funerary circles. The sculpture represents the theme of the angel, recurrent in the cemetery art since its origins: the angelic figure, slumped at the foot of the cross with the right arm resting on the lower part of the latter, looks towards the symbol of the cross and consequently towards its salvific value, participating in the pains of the earthly world and at the same time in direct contact with the spiritual world of the beyond. Next to the angel they are carved in bronze of roses, symbol of the Virgin Mary.

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