Allegri Zorzi monument

AUTHOR: Ugo Zannoni

The monument is an example of how families of high social class celebrated their dead and is one of the most expensive of the Monumental Cemetery: to build their own sepulcher, the Allegri Zorzi family spent 70 thousand lire at the time, which today corresponds to about 290 thousand euros. There are three protagonists of the scene: Scipione Zorzi who lies composed in the funeral bed with his hands clasped to his chest, the widow who draws near to her dead husband and, on the left, a stocky-looking and squat farmer with the sickle in his belt who he kneels on a sheaf of ears to offer Scipione a bouquet of wild flowers, a sign of affection and gratitude towards the master. The picture reflects the positivistic confidence of social ascent and justice, represented with a taste between neo-Gothic and neo-Renaissance and made with polychrome marbles, bronze inlays and gilding.

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