Photo exhibition “E del sapore di rugiada della pietra. La donna e il trionfo della vita nel Cimitero Monumentale di Verona”

This event has ended

Angels, mothers, warriors, keepers of the memory preserved in it: the women represented in the Monumental Cemetery of Verona tell the female figure in her different shades. All of them testify to the origin of life and its triumph over death, just like the drops of dew which, resting at dawn on stones, signs of the end of earthly life, herald the beginning of a new day.

These women are stone and bronze sculptures that pass through time and are made to pass through time, remaining exposed to the sun and frost and letting mosses and dust redesign new stories about their forms: the photographs that make up the exhibition put the expressions of the faces, the attitudes, movements and gestures of the female figure are highlighted, a strong symbol of earthly tenacity and, at the same time, an ethereal and light vision of the promise of life beyond death.

The photo exhibition of Sirio, Alessandra and Filippo Tommasoli, curated by Alessandra Salardi Tommasoli, will be set up in the SBAV exhibition space of the church of San Pietro Incarnario and will be open from Friday 18 to Sunday 27 September from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm.

The exhibition is free entry.

For more information:
+39 045 8051311

With the patronage of the Municipality of Verona.

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