Monumental Cemetery: the museum that you’d never expect

This event has ended

The Monumental Cemetery of Verona is a veritable open-air museum that preserves the memories of nearly two centuries of city history: Sunday the 14th of October starts the cycle of guided tours “Monumental Cemetery: the museum that you’d never expect”, curated by the architect Maddalena Basso and the art historian Camilla Bertoni, who will lead you on the discovery of the most important masterpieces of funerary art of the cemetery.

The guided tour will begin at 14.30 in the vestibule of the entrance pantheon and will continue in the ambulatories of the Cimitero Barbieri, where the most interesting funerary monuments are kept. The route will end in the Cimitero Nuovo at the tomb of Umberto Boccioni, which rests in the Veronese burial ground together with other illustrious characters.

The event is free and no reservation is required.

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